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Helping Other People (HOPe)

Rescuing a non-profit website from the Web 1.0 age
(Web, 2018)

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Helping Other People (HOPe) is a New York and New Jersey-based non-profit that has worked on a number of projects in developing countries for over 18 years. Unfortunately, it seemed as if their website hadn’t been updated in 18 years.

One of HOPe’s board members reached out to me about redesigning their website for the appropriate decade. This meant more than updating layouts, photos, and text. I had to completely redo the website from the ground up, overhauling the information architecture to simplify navigation and the donation process.



HOPe (hope-charity.org)


Squarespace, Photoshop, Illustrator, GoDaddy, Google Docs


Web Design, Information Architecture


One month

The HOPe website as of April 2018. Image courtesy of  Wayback Machine .

The HOPe website as of April 2018. Image courtesy of Wayback Machine.

The Problem

When I first saw HOPe’s website in Spring 2018, it looked like it had been designed using a Wordpress theme gone haywire. Right-aligned page titles and left-aligned body text were set against a pair of mismatched images of clouds. Photos were small, and extremely low-resolution. Navigational links were out of order, misplaced, and/or led to blank or incomplete pages.

HOPe has done great work around the world for nearly two decades. They deserved a website that reflects their values and continued efforts to help areas that need it most.



  • Research & Comparative Analysis

  • Content Inventory & Audit

  • Site Mapping

  • Image Sourcing

  • Sketching & Wireframes

  • Copy Writing & Editing

  • Squarespace Build

  • Domain Transfer

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Project Goals


For the Client

Improve visual appearance
Establish credibility
Promote events
Encourage PayPal donations*

For Visitors

Easily navigate website
Learn about the organization’s projects
Donate without friction




Site Maps

Original Sitemap

Disorderly content, chaotic hierarchy, unclear call to action.

Revised Sitemap

Emphasis on impact and prominent “Donate” buttons.


Next Steps

*Make donations even more seamless by embedding an appropriate widget

Keep content up-to-date