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Find Your Fit

Outfit personalization for Black Lapel
(Desktop, 2016)

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Black Lapel wanted to create a service that would personalize outfit recommendations (suit/blazer/pants/shirt combinations) to its customers. The service would be available to new users and existing users.

My task was to create a user flow and wireframes that illustrate how Black Lapel would offer an outfit recommendation to our user.



Black Lapel


Research & Design


Photoshop, Sketch, Draw.io, Pen and Paper


One week


The User

John, 24

John is a first-time visitor to the Black Lapel site. He heard about the personalization service that Black Lapel is rolling out and he wants to give it a go!

He’s going to Vegas for the weekend and wants to look good and keep cool during the day while he’s exploring the area and at night when he’s hopping from casino to night club.


The Problem

How might we help John personalize his outfit from Black Lapel?



Since a persona (“John”) was pre-defined in the brief, I instead conducted a brief survey pertaining specifically to the outfit personalization feature.

Survey responses gauged insights on menswear and outfit personalization interest among 10 males in their early to mid-20s.

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Find Your Fit

Based on survey responses, I came up with an outfit recommendation engine called Find Your Fit. A new or existing user can take a short quiz that will place him under one of five style profiles. Black Lapel stylists initially recommend three outfits based on his style profile (and, in the future, his shopping habits): one Day, one Night, and one Flex (day-to-night) outfit.



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User Flows


High-Fidelity Mockups

Home Page with Find Your Fit Hero Image


Find Your Fit Quiz Page


Style Profile & Recommended Looks


“Get the Look” Recommendations


Product Detail Page


Fit Customization Page


Customization Final Screen & Add to Bag


New User Sign-Up Form